What does COPD mean?


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Chronic – means long-lasting.  Although there is no cure for COPD there much which can be done to manage and support those with COPD.  A variety of treatments and self management can lessen symptoms and enable someone with COPD to cope better.   Support from health care professionals, family and carers is key to this.

Obstructive – means a narrowing of the airways.

Pulmonary – means in and around the lungs. This includes the airways, respiratory muscles in the chest and the blood vessels.

Disease – is another name for a health condition or illness.

COPD is the umbrella term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis

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COPD is the umbrella title for:
Emphysema - Damage to the air sacs in the lung Chronic Bronchitis - long-term inflammation of the airways
In COPD, inflammation over time causes permanent irreversible damage to the airways and air sacs of the lungs.
Following Pulmonary Function Tests COPD can be classified as:
Mild Moderate Severe Very severe
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