Topic 2 - Assessment and common lung diseases

In this section you will learn about what happens during a basic respiratory assessment. Even if you are not familiar with some of the terms these will be explained. This will help you to observe your patients/clients for any changes in their respiratory health and know what to do next. You will also learn about respiratory investigations and common lung diseases.

The following common lung diseases will be covered in more detail:

Group authors

  • Ninian Hewitt
  • Anur Guhan
  • Sarah-Jane Morrison
  • Jill Adams
  • Lorna Stevenson
  • Jennifer McDonald
  • David McDonald
  • Ann Davidson
  • Elaine McKay
  • Michelle Duffy
  • Wendy White
  • Fran Bailey


  • Alison Foster
  • Lynne McCormick
  • Kate Bailey

It is strongly recommended that you work through each topic before attempting the topic assessment.

Respiratory emergencies

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