Each of the topics can be used together or individually depending on your existing knowledge or learning needs. Each one has a multiple choice test at the end and when successfully completed you; can save, download or print a certificate to show evidence of your learning for your continued professional development or portfolio. It is useful to reveiw or complete the Anatomy and Physiology topic as at start to your learning.

Topic 1 - Anatomy and Physiology

  • In this section you will see interactive anatomical diagrams which show the structures involved in breathing, from the mouth and nose down to the smallest vessels within the lungs themselves and including the chest wall and the muscles involved in breathing. There is a section about normal breathing.

Topic 2 - Assessment and common lung diseases

  • In this section you will learn about what happens during a basic respiratory assessment. Even if you are not familiar with some of the terms these will be explained. This will help you to observe your patients/clients for any changes in their respiratory health and know what to do next. You will also learn about respiratory investigations and common lung conditions such as:

Topic 3 - Treatment

Topic 4 - Management

  • In this module you will learn about some of the community resources and ways to help your patients/clients to live as full a life as possible with their long term respiratory condition. You will see information about the needs of carers and get tips on how to use supported self-management. The module also includes information about care at end of life.