Past medical history

Look out for things that could suggest an underlying respiratory condition, or things that can affect somebody's lung health:

Is this the individuals first episode or have they had similar episodes in the past? This could be warning that there is a more chronic underlying condition that requires further investigation.
What is their current diagnosis?

Does this person already have a diagnosis of a respiratory condition?

Are they having an exacerbation or deterioration of their condition?

Do they have a named person responsible for their respiratory care i.e. a specialist nurse or doctor?

If you think they have respiratory symptoms which don't fit with their current diagnosis further investigations or referral to a specialist may be needed.

What other comorbidities or conditions do they have?

Some other conditions, such as cardiac conditions, can present with similar symptoms.

Do they have any other conditions that may affect their respiratory health, for example conditions that may affect their immune system and make them more susceptible to infection?