Prevalence of bronchiectasis


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The prevalence of bronchiectasis is estimated to be higher than initially thought.

Prevalence rates are estimated to be 566/100,000 for women and 490/100,000 for men. (BTS 2010)

Recent studies show that the incidence of bronchiectasis (new diagnoses per year) is 1.2% in over 70 year olds. (NICE 2016)

Bronchiectasis can occur at any age, but is more common in older adults and is more common in women than men.

Bronchiectasis may be present along with other respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma.

The economic burden of this disease has been estimated to be similar to COPD; this increases with disease severity, hospitalisations, need for intensive care and use of intravenous and inhaled antibiotics.

Currently there are no specific treatments that are specifically licensed in Europe or the USA for the treatment of bronchiectasis.

Bronchiectasis specific guidance for management and treatment has been developed.


5 in every 1000 adults in the UK has bronchiectasis and there are 1500 deaths per year in the UK.


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There were 210 000 people in the UK in 2012 with a diagnosis of bronchiectasis.

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