Aims of Treatment

There is no cure for bronchiectasis. Damage to the airways cannot be reversed. However, treatment can help to prevent further damage, reduce infections and reduce symptoms.

Early identification and management of chest infections is key to managing bronchiectasis. This may require antibiotic therapy but may be as simple as increasing daily chest clearance and nebuliser therapy.

Daily maintenance therapy is required to keep the condition stable.

Identify and treat any underlying cause of bronchiectasis, if known. For example Bacterial colonisation, Airway Inflammation, Structural Changes, Impaired Mucus Clearance, Immunodeficiency

Reduce exacerbations by:

  • Teaching effective airway clearance techniques.
  • Teaching patients to recognise signs of deterioration.
  • Offering supported self-management strategies.
  • Encourageing smoking cessation.

Prevent hospital admissions.

Improve quality of life.