Asthma symptoms

People with asthma need to know what is “normal” for them and when symptoms are getting worse. If you are caring for someone with asthma look out for changes and increasing symptoms.

Worsening signs:

  • Wheeze: hear the sound, is it more frequent?
  • Cough: is it more frequent? Is it worse at rest?
  • Breathlessness:  Is it at rest or all the time? Does it occur during activity? Is it worse at different times of day? Does it improve with inhalers or not?
  • Chest tightness: is it a new symptom, at rest or after activity?
  • Difficulty speaking: can the person still speak and hold a conversation or are they too breathless?
  • Is their breathing hard work? Are they using accessory chest muscles to suck air in or blow air out?
  • Is the person distressed? If they are, this could be a medical emergency.

Follow asthma action plan, give inhalers and if this doesn’t work dial 999.

To listen to the sound of wheeze click the link below.