How is BPD diagnosed?

It is important to exclude and treat medical causes for symptoms e.g. pulmonary embolus, cardiovascular, anaemia, neurological or undiagnosed respiratory diseases. The following tests could be part of the diagnostic process. All of these tests would be done by a specialist doctor, nurse, physiologist or physiotherapist

Arterial blood gases: Normal O2 normal or low CO2.
Lung function testing, Hyperventilation Provocation test
Breath hold test


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Nijmegen Questionnaire
Symptom Never Seldom Sometimes Often Very often
  0 1 2 3 4
Chest pain          
Blurred vision          
Dizzy spells          
Feeling confused          
Fast or deep breathing          
Short of breath          
Tightness across chest          
Bloating in stomach          
Tingling in fingers and hands          
Difficulty taking deep breaths          
Stiffness in fingers / hands / arms          
Tight feeling around the mouth          
Cold hands or feet          
Sub totals          
A score of over 23 suggests a diagnosis of BPD