Activities in the community

Staying physically active is especially important for anyone living with a long- term respiratory condition. There are a whole raft of community based options.

Activities at home

  • Home exercise programmes - such as those provided at Pulmonary Rehabilitation programmes.
  • Gardening – growing herbs in pots or window boxes.
  • Wii games.
  • Housework.

Activity in the community

  • Walking groups, parks, open spaces – Paths for all.
  • Gyms and leisure centres (many have special classes for all age groups or low impact exercises).
  • Daytime or evening classes.
  • Walking Football Scotland.
  • Healthy eating/cooking classes.
  • Scottish Men’s Shed Association – Activity and social company exclusively for men.
  • Museums and exhibitions.
  • Singing/choir for respiratory conditions – lots of research evidence shows singing is good for breathing control and for wellbeing and mood.
  • Community centres – offer a range of activities and groups from book clubs, learning IT skills or craft clubs.
  • Dance – tea dances, ballroom to line dancing.
  • Volunteer Scotland – groups and charities are always looking for volunteers in a wide range of roles from a few hours to part time. One to one befriending , office tasks, shop work, campaigning, fundraising and more.

For information check local libraries, local newspapers and community centres which are good places to start. Lots of information is available on line for example:

Practice nurses and specialist respiratory staff may also be able to help.