Tips for relaxation

Relaxation takes practice whichever method is chosen. It does not come easily to everyone so advise your patient/client that the more they practice the easier it will be and the more benefit they will get.

  • Chose a quiet, comfortable place away from distractions.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes.
  • Sit in a chair or upright in bed supported by pillows.
  • Before starting clear the chest of secretions if the person has been taught how to do this.
  • Think about starting relaxation at a convenient time after using  their inhaler.
  • Avoid relaxation techniques just after a meal.
  • Try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, not too hot or too cool.
  • If it feels like a struggle at first, keep working on relaxation until it becomes more natural or try a different technique which might suit the person better.