Malcolm's symptom management


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Scene 1

Malcolm feels his main symptom is breathlessness. He finds it strange that when he’s sitting, he feels fine, but as soon as he wants to do anything he feels breathless. It’s important that he knows this is normal and that it can get better as he learns how to control it.

Scene 2

He is offered a place at the Pulmonary Rehabilitation class in his local health centre. The group consists of seven other people with chronic lung conditions who are breathless and Malcolm is relieved to find he’s not the only one who feels this way.  He finds the activities hard to manage at first, but the physiotherapist makes sure he only does what’s comfortable for him. During the class, he learns that it is ok to feel a bit breathless. It’s not dangerous and he can use his breathing recovery techniques to keep it under control. He really enjoys the company of the other people there.

Scene 3

The physiotherapist tells the class about the benefits of a hand held fan and when the flow of air is directed to the face it can help reduce the sensation of breathlessness. Malcolm tries this and finds it useful as he carries it with him in his coat pocket and he can use it anytime.