Anticipatory care plan (ACP)

Anticipatory care decisions are about:

  • The kind of care the person would want to have.
  • Where they would ideally like this care to be given.
  • Who would they want to give this information to?

 Anna explains what support may be available such as the Community Nurse Team, home care. She also explains “Just in case” medications, which can be kept at home so they can be readily available to help any symptoms of acute breathlessness and anxiety.

  • A plan is agreed to make contact with the community team, so that they know Malcolm and can help to keep him comfortable at home as his condition progresses.
  • He agrees to have the anticipatory care plan written down and shared with his GP on the e-KIS system. He keeps a copy too and he knows that this can change at any time he wishes.
  • When the times comes that Malcolm needs more support towards the end of his life, others can be involved such as Marie Curie care or options for hospital or hospice care.

At the next clinic visit, Malcolm and Louise both say they feel better now to have talked about it. They are going to discuss the anticipatory care plan with each other and think about the decisions they want to make for any future treatment.

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