Bronchodilators are a class of drug commonly used for the relief of wheeze, shortness of breath and coughing caused by bronchoconstriction. Bronchoconstriction is narrowing of the airways, due to contraction of the smooth muscle lining the airways. This is a symptom in many respiratory conditions and is common in Asthma and in some COPD patients. Bronchodilators block different receptor sites in the airways. The bronchodilators work by preventing the muscle contracting and thus allowing the airways to relax. This can improve airflow.

There are two types of Bronchodilator, Beta 2 Agonists can be either:

  • Short-acting beta agonists (SABA)– used for short term relieve from acute breathlessness.
  • Long-acting beta agonists (LABA) – for regular use for prolonged symptom management.