Anticipatory care Plan

Anticipatory care planning is a process which helps people and their families make even the smallest of decisions about everyday life when things may become difficult. Everyone can benefit from putting their affairs in order, making a will, having insurance and so on, but what about healthcare?

Anticipatory care planning allows plans for future health care taking into account the persons wishes. It also helps those caring for the patient/client to know what their wishes are.

Having an ACP can help manage the condition, improve health and let the person enjoy a better quality of life.

The best time to make an ACP and think about future care is when the patient/client is well. It is difficult to make decisions when they are stressed or suffering an episode of illness or flare up.

Making an ACP can be upsetting for the patient/client and their family but having these frank discussions can help ensure they are cared for appropriately as they would wish in the future. ACP’s are not set in stone and can be reviewed and amended if the condition changes or if the patient/client wishes to make amendments. However, an ACP is not legally binding, but past and present wishes are always taken into account when planning care.