Emotional changes

As well as the physical changes a person will experience as they near death, the brain of a dying person goes through emotional changes also.

Common changes people experience could include:

  • Appearing calm or detached – interacting less with people around them.
  • Being confused – finding it difficult to concentrate and becoming disorientated.
  • Feeling restless or agitated – finding it difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed. This could have a physical cause such as constipation or difficulty passing urine. If you think this is the case discuss it with the doctor caring for the person.
  • Delirium – saying things that don’t make sense to others, or seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.

What can you do?

These symptoms can be very difficult for relatives and carers to witness but they are often the ones who can help the most. Talking in a calm manner, holding the persons hand may help them feel less anxious.