Behaviour change

In order to support your patient/client to self-manage and make important lifestyle changes, you need to take into account other factors such as their willingness to change, their understanding of their disease and other factors that might influence their ability to make these changes such as low mood or anxiety.

There are stages which patients/clients go through when changing behaviour:
Stage Behaviour
1. Pre-contemplation The person has not yet thought about this aspect of their health/goal.
2. Contemplation The person has thought of what it is they want to change or aim for.
3. Preparation They think about what they need to do to make the change.
4. Action Making the change happen.
5. Maintenance Keeping going and adapting.
6. Relapse If things don’t go well. Old habits reappear or circumstances change.


Pre-contemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance Relapse
I never liked exercising and used to skive off P.E. at school. I suppose I could save a bit of money if I gave up smoking. Instead of a large glass of wine I will remember to order a small glass or alternate with a soft drink when I go out. I get off the bus a stop early. By giving up smoking I have a little money for other things. I had a low mood day due to something at work and I had a few large glasses of wine and cigarettes to help cheer me up.