Possible options for James

Polly suggests some other easy options to try:

  • A referral to pulmonary rehab classes. James agrees.
  • Keeping a diary to record how far he walks, how long it takes and how he feels after his walk. Increasing the distance walked each week.
  • Plan the timing of the walk around the best part of the day for him. He suggests mid morning after a light breakfast and he has had all his morning medication.
  • James should clear his chest before going for a walk.
  • Take reliever inhalers, tissues, some water and his mobile phone with him when he goes out.
  • Walking with a friend or meeting a friend near by, resting, then walking home.
  • Use some light weights at the gym to improve core muscle strength or sit and stand repetitions from a firm dining chair.
  • Getting off the bus a stop early and walking part of the way to appointments.
  • As he improves, plan to do an activity each day or twice a day.