Key points in supporting self management

The following points are essential for effective supported self-management:

  • Good communication is key between patient/client and health or care professional.
  • Self-management is patient/client centered and directed. You provide the information or recommendations but the choice is the individual’s.
  • Supported self-management is a partnership between the patient/client with the respiratory condition and you. They are in the lead when making decisions about their care.
  • You need to develop knowledge and skills around the support services which are available for the person to chose from in their area.
  • You need good listening skills.
  • Develop the ability to ask the right questions at the right time for your patient/client’s needs.
  • Develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient/client, embracing empathy and trust.
  • Self-management rarely occurs in isolation and so should be multidisciplinary and involve the patient/client's family or carers if requested.