Shared decision making plan

Once goals have been set by your patient/client, an element of  shared decision making should occur. A partnership should be formed which involves building rapport and sharing responsibility. These 6 steps can help you to guide your patient/client through the process remembering that the final decision is theirs but ensuring they have had all the necessary information to make that informed decision:

  1. Invite the patient to participate e.g. ”Let’s work together to come up with a decision that’s right for you”.
  2. Present the options e.g. “Let’s review the options we’ve discussed - increasing your exercise tolerance by walking a little further each day or losing 8lb in weight over the next 6 weeks”.
  3. Provide information on benefits and harm in relation to their chosen options.
  4. Evaluate the options by finding out what is more important to your patient/client.
  5. Facilitate deliberation – is your patient/client ready to make the choice or is there anything else they need to know?
  6. Assist with implementation – if you have a role to play in the patient/client’s self-management plan e.g. referral to an outside service to help them implement this goal.

Ensure there is a record of the plan which is formed by your shared decision making and goal setting discussions. The patient/client should keep a copy as well and this can be used as the basis to measure progress and outcomes at your next meeting or appointment.