Improving fitness - James

Goal 2 Fitness


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Scene 1

Portrait of James and Polly with the inactivity chart

James self-scores behaviour change for his fitness at (6 for readiness) and (5 for confidence). In discussion with Polly, James feels that although his inhalers have helped his breathing at rest and during daily activities, he is unsure about how he will cope with increased exercise outdoors.

Polly shows James the cycle of inactivity chart.

Scene 2

Together they set SMART goals

Specific- I want to walk around the perimeter of the park again and kick a football with Jack. The walk has taken me 45 minutes in the past.

Measurable- I will measure this by the length of time I can walk and talk comfortably without getting breathless. I will keep a diary.

Achievable – I will use small milestones. First build up stamina walking down the street. If the weather is bad use the treadmill at the gym.

Realistic – James is missing the personal time with his grandson. This is very important to him. He knows he must pace himself and take time to increase his fitness. He discusses his health and goals with his daughter Kate to get her support.

Timely – In the winter months James can work on his overall fitness in the gym so he will be ready to be active when the weather improves. He is thinking of indoor activities he can enjoy with Jack when the weather is bad.