E-cigarettes and vaping



In recent years e-cigarettes or vaping has been seen as an alternative to smoking. However there are some things to bear in mind.

  • E-cigarettes are generally considered to be less harmful than smoking.
  • More research is needed to be sure if e-cigarettes are safe in the long-term.
  • They are only available on sale to over 18’s.
  • The vapour can still contain harmful chemicals and the liquids used do not give an indication of what or how much of these chemicals are in each brand.
  • Some flavours have been found to increase airways irritation, cause bronchospasm and increase symptoms.
  • E-cigarettes also contain nicotine and they will not help patients/clients to withdraw from nicotine addiction. Levels of nicotine vary in different products and it is difficult to tell how much nicotine is being inhaled.
  • Some patients/clients use both e-cigarettes and tobacco which will still fuel their addiction to smoking. E-cigarettes can only reduce or help smoking cessation if they are used as the only form of nicotine inhalation. For some people trying to quit an alternative method may be better to gradually withdraw from their habit in a more controlled way.